The story of a oh-so-fast growing toddler girl’s room décor…

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Once upon a time there was this baby on the way. Everyone had their bet in on whether it was a boy or a girl. But no one knew for sure.. not even the mama. So what does an expecting mom of unknown sex baby do? Decorate for herself.. with baby in mind of course.. right?

Some of you may have seen photos of the nursery design from a couple years ago. If not I will get you up to speed. This is what I started with. My to-be closet room… So I thought.

It needed a little love as you can see. I don’t know if you can tell in the photos, but the ceiling was the same light yellow as the upper portion of the wall. Lovely, right?

So I had this bright and sunny little corner bedroom with natural birch hardwood floors and a horid paint job. Not a bad place to start. You want to talk about a labour of love? I don’t think there’s any other project that encompasses an interior designing mama-to-be like a nursery for one of her own… just saying! So I went to work to create this:

Here you’ll see repainted walls (Benjamin Moore’s Flagstone in matte), repainted trim (Benjamin Moore’s Willow in satin), a revamped bedside table (Benjamin Moore’s Martini Olive in eggshell), my dumpster find love seat reupholstered in linen, and an artwork canvas. PS – I made the canvas about 4 years before any thought of baby #2 or this bedroom. It’s my favorite piece in here because it has all of the elements of the bedroom décor, it’s x’s and o’s, and I made it for her without even knowing.

Here we have my Brigham family crib which I repainted for the occasion in Benjamin Moore’s Hush in eggshell. The bumper pads were a DIY customization in Robert Allen’s Roman Time in kiwi. (I’ll post the steps one day.) The change table is yard sale dresser I rescued and sanded to reveal some past paint jobs and changed out the hardware. It was used for my first nursery also. The wall is wallpapered with a Blue Mountain pattern and hung horizontally (that was interesting.. )

So all in all set up for baby unknown. Still a bit bear, tidy, and baby powder dust free.

Then SHE came. And SHE grew. Fast. Two years – and a load of Gwenny personality – later I was itching to build on this little island oasis and put a girly spin on it. This is what came of it:

The finds: a fun and funky quilt and a couple of white metal headboards create a welcoming daybed for a couple of little cuties. We used plywood as the mattress support as oppose to a box spring to keep the bed low and accessible for little ones.

Another Fort Mac treasure. This cast iron bird. My first pregnancy baby purchase. My son’s style has changed since his nursery days and he seemed to be all done with it and I think it’s at home in Gwenny’s room now. We use it as the door stop.

Girly details

I installed coordinating drapery panels over the existing bamboo shade to introduce some of the orchid colour and add visual softness to the room. They’re hung on an oil rubbed bronze rod featuring acrylic sphere finials.

This wood carving wall art was a nice accent tying in the white from the bed, the worn in look of the furniture and added a touch of femininity.

Girl stuff. The hook shelf got a makeover from a country style wooden peg shelf. It got a coat of Benjamin Moore’s Martini Olive and some black iron hooks.

This solid wood dresser got a new look from it’s orangey stain and varnish with a couple of coats of Benjamin Moore’s Nordic Gray over a coat of Benjamin Moore’s Night Horizon, some sanding, and new oil rubbed bronze hardware to complete the transformation.

A fort mac find. This cast iron bird mirror was forsale at the Benjamin Moore I worked at in Fort McMurray. It was there for a very long time – probably due to the fact it was powder pink in colour. Nothing a coat of Benjamin Moore’s Willow couldn’t fix.

Baby toes. Pictured is a pair of Gwen Della’s first mocs.

The little cherry wood book holder is made by my grandfather, David Brigham. The cat is hand carved. He and I made a book end with the cat carving when I was a wee one myself. This is very special to me because of that memory.

It’s working for us all. We love this cozy little get away of a bedroom. Now on to upgrading my son’s bedroom from toddler to the big guy room. Can’t wait!